2018 Annual Meeting was a success!

Thank you to our members, participants and coportate partners for joigning the annual meeting.

See you all next year!

MRT & RN half day Training Activity


Cases of the month

Body Floss Technique for Biliary Stenting of Klatskin Tumor - Martin Jason (U Toronto)

March 5 2018

A new name for CIRA: CAIR

Canadian Association for Interventional Radiology

Starting in 2018, CIRA will be called CAIR, the Canadian Association for Interventional Radiology. CAIR phonetically expresses the Association’s vision of making Interventional Radiologist’s care and treatments widely accessible to all Canadian patients. Furthermore, this new identity is in line with the Association’s key strategic directions for the future. CAIR wants to be the Association of all stakeholders who work for the advancement of Interventional Radiology.